Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art Gallery of Ontario - Summer 2010

On Wednesday evenings I have been attending the AGO`s free admission hours from 6-8:30. Sometimes I stay for an hour, sometimes two. These are a couple a pieces I have worked on over the last couple of weeks. Usually on the first week, I would take an hour on the line drawing and then the next week, add the tonal work for an hour to an hour and a half. I call this my creative monastic time.

Even though people are milling about, they tend to leave me be, with the occasional little one curiously coming over to see what that strange guy sitting in a room of standing people is doing.

The first piece is Gian Lorenzo Bernini`s (1598-1680) marble bust of  Pope Gregory XV.

The second is an ivory & granite bust of Alphonse Van Beurden`s (1854-1938) Portrait of a Girl. This piece is in a room in the European Galleries just filled with ivory busts of different shapes and sizes. I feel sorry for the elephants, but the sculptures are beautiful.

I am presently working on a more involved study of Auguste Rodin`s Adam, which I hope to complete in the next few weeks. I have been working in stages and scanning each stage as I progress forward. I will post all stages of the process once I finish it.

The AGO has a newly opened show that I intend to explore called Drama and Desire : Artists and the Theatre. Lots of visual goodies to enjoy from Degas, David, Ingres and more. Fun, fun.

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  1. Nice job Christopher!

    I like the information you've chosen to put in your blog. Your artwork is great and your blogs are thoughtfully written, full of both great information and personal perspectives. Keep up the great work!