Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TSA - Figure Drawing Intensive with Thomas Hendry

I had the pleasure of taking a week long intensive in Figurative Anatomy with Thomas Hendry at the Toronto School of Art from August 23-27. It was awesome.

Thomas is a very thorough instructor with and a very easy going manner. I think all of our brains were going to explode by week`s end.

We explored amongst other things, the skeletal and musculature masses, proportion, balance, foreshortening, heads, hand, feet and the kitchen sink.

I thank Thomas for his help and encourage anyone who wants to learn more about figure drawing to take one of his classes. Below are a few of the studies we did throughout the week.

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  1. Hello Mr. Wolfe, I'm honored to have modelled for you in Thomas Hendry's class on the 27th; your work and website are great and I don't say that just because you posted drawings from that day! I'd be extremely grateful if you might have or know of any work for me at this time. I also worked for Mr. Shepstone at Sheridan and it's not surprising to read you're also an animator, as your drawings have such great precision which I've noticed over the years in working for animation schools and individuals. Please excuse my mentioning this here, I didn't see a regular email address but am happy to send my photo composite. Thank you for your great work and website - Greg. gregragle@yahoo.com